Review: Real Good Man by Meghan March

Real Good Man (Real Duet, #1)





yes. F-O-U-R

For a romance novel to get four stars from me, that’s really saying something.

Meghan March is at it again!


Although this one was actually published in early 2017, I’m just now getting around to getting my hands on the series I’ve already heard so much about. Since first discovering Meghan March, I’ve been a fan of her work. I swoon over her characters continuously, and Logan- the main character in Real Good Man, does not disappoint!

To set the scene for you…

Banner Regent from New York has been texting with Logan, the mechanic from Kentucky for weeks now. Although they’ve kept everything on a friendship level, Banner can’t help but see how different he seems than the other men she’s met in New York. As the casual texting back and forth banter soon turns into Logan planning to visit. Will the mechanic from Kentucky be able to leave a memorable impression on the busy city girl?

Ya’ll…. This one is intenseeeeee. Just a warning though, it’s an erotic novel. Meaning sex. and lottttsss of it.. and I don’t just mean a mention or two of the occurrence. I’m talking, downright visuals will be implanted in your mind for weeks.

Banner is a new favorite character for me. Her wit was undeniably similar to mine. (yes, tooting my own horn here) She’s easy to relate and doesn’t allow people to walk all over her.

I actually listened to this one via audiobook rather than reading a copy, so I can’t comment on the editing and proofreading, but Ms. March is no slacker and I can easily say with over 30 books under her belt, she made sure this one was perfect before sending to the printers.

I looooooveeee cliffhangers- which this one made me visibly shudder with the thought of not being able to immediately continue with Banner and Logan’s story. Thankfully, the second book was available and I started within five minutes after finishing the first.


Now.. if only I can find my handsome Kentucky mechanic to swoon over.

OH, wait. They aren’t really like that here…. :/



Here’s the Goodreads link:


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