Review: The Night I Lost My Father’s Gun by Azmi Abusam

The Night I Lost My Father’s Gun

By: Azmi Abusam


The Night I Lost My Father’s Gun is a modern-day fictional novel written by Azmi Abusam and published in March 2019. At right at 130 Kindle edition pages, this was a quick read that I easily finished in one sitting. The novel is a rather mature read, with language and content that would only be appropriate for mature readers.

The main character in the story is 17-year-old Elon, a boy who has a tendency to act older than his age, which leads him into a whole slew of trouble. Elon wants to attend an over-the-top party with his friends for a night of fun, but he has no idea that this night of fun could cause even more trouble than he imagined. Hearing the hype and knowing some of the characters who will be attending this party, Elon breaks into his father’s safe and takes his gun to the party with him, just thinking it’s best for protection. What Elon doesn’t expect is a terrible fight that turns into gunfire and a missing gun. Not only is his life on the line, but his father’s gun is now missing and has been used for murder, which puts his father in danger as well.

I liked how the author of this story carefully portrayed conversations between characters to be realistic by portraying accurate slang for the age of the characters. The portrayal of the party the characters attended was demonstrated in a way that the chaos was apparent and necessary for the storyline.

I love novels that end with a cliffhanger and The Night I Lost My Father’s Gun certainly did not disappoint. The build-up of anticipation I felt with the ending of the story was definitely well-done with the suspense portrayed.

My only complaint with the story was that it felt a bit rushed. I liked that it was a quick read, though I wish there had been a little more of a build-up or demonstration of the week or weeks leading up to the party. The entire story takes place within a 24 hour period and didn’t seem to allow for enough back-up information to build the story on. I would have liked to have had some information about other parties the teenagers attended to get more of an idea on why they were all so certain that this one would be a huge commotion.

Aside from my timing complaint, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Night I Lost My Father’s Gun and would definitely recommend it to mature readers who enjoy stories with drama and chaos and teenagers who seem to struggle with making the best choices for themselves. I’m rating the story 3 out of 4 stars and am looking forward to a second installment to see what kind of trouble comes with Elon’s decisions.

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