Review: The Art of Listening by Paul A. Mendelson

The Art of Listening

By: Paul Mendelson


The Art of Listening is a series of thought-provoking short stories written by Paul A. Mendelson and published in 2019. With a collection of seven short-story reads, Mendelson captures the audience with the “inspired” fiction tales that each left their mark on me as a reader. 

The first in the collection, Based On a True Story was easily one of the most comical reads and one that I found myself sharing several moments out loud with others around me. The second story, The Art of Listening, was easily the most suspenseful and captivating, and I found myself hoping for a continuation of the story of a couple who has found themselves in a bit of a marital rut, fueling their distance by lack of communication. My favorite of the seven stories was titled Better LateBetter Late features an auctioneer named David who has lived his life in a safe bubble. David had never met his father due to a deadly motorcycle accident that left him being raised by a single-mother who feared for David’s safety and kept him from adventuring out to any dangerous acts. When the ghost of David’s father pops up in his life with the goal of making David “live” a full life, his eyes are opened to a whole new world of love and adventure. 

I’ve now had the honor of reading two of Paul Mendelson’s novels and I can easily say that I have quickly become a fan. Paul’s dark humor and natural talent for storytelling is astounding and something I think all readers should experience and enjoy. It’s easy, as a reader, to enjoy books that you come across and want others to experience them fully as you have. It’s easy to sell the story to friends and family based on your enjoyment. However, finding a story such as The Art of Listening, one so captivating and thought-provoking is rare. Each of the short stories in this collection could be developed into something even more extravagant, and I would not be surprised at all to see these developed into movies. Mr. Mendelson has a way of writing that allows readers to see each scene playing out fully. 

I’m so honored to have had the experience to read the works of Paul Mendelson, and I’m pleased to rate The Art of Listening 4 out of 4 stars. You have no idea what you’re missing out on if you have not yet experienced these stories. 

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