Review: by Susan Bacoyanis

By: Susan Bacoyanis

384 pages

★★★★ is a fictional modern-day romance novel written by Susan Bacoyanis. Published in November 2020, the novel is roughly 380 pages Of self-discovery and empowerment. The main character in the story is Lucy Skylark. Lucy has reached middle-age and still believes in love, despite being divorced and currently having no one to share her life with.

With the approach of her fiftieth birthday, Lucy finds herself feeling alone and down with her employment at a prominent magazine in jeopardy with everyone thinking of her as bland and boring. Feeling especially determined to find love, Lucy joins a hit dating website, Though her profile is not exactly gaining the attraction she would hope for, Lucy is determined that love is still viable at her age. During a heated exchange with her boss Camilla and her boyfriend, Adam, who is the founder of the website, Lucy makes a bet that she can find her soulmate in three months’ time and reinvents herself as MsCougar with an office makeover.

With the busy dating schedule that soon approaches, MsCougar finds herself pulled in too many directions and quickly loses sight of herself as the true Lucy. She quickly becomes an internet sensation as the game of dating becomes overwhelming and Lucy’s relationships with family and friends are put in jeopardy with her newfound attitude and determination to become a star. Will MsCougar replace the once soft and caring Lucy forever, or will Lucy concede the bet and agree that love at middle-age a hopeless cause?

When I started reading, I vowed to maintain an open mind on the world of online dating for the sake of Lucy’s bet. I haven’t yet reached the middle-age category and I already knew the online dating world was a hard one to battle for any age, so Lucy’s strength and determination in the eye of rejection and deceit was empowering. Lucy’s character development from the beginning of the story to the end was insightful and made her character easy to like almost immediately. Her journey to self-discovery was remarkably inspirational and something that I think all women can relate to in their own journey to find themselves in a world surrounded by stereotypes and challenges to seek youthfulness. was my final read to end the year of 2020 and easily my favorite for the year. The author presents a story that engages readers with an exciting world of self-discovery and revelation, but with a sense of passion that can be felt by readers through Lucy’s emotional ride. Not only would be a great recommendation for those who enjoy romance and comedy, but it’s also perfect for women of any age who are searching for love in a world where the photo-perfect persona is seemingly always preferred. was the perfect read to end the year with and certainly something I will be recommending to all my friends. I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to read and review for Susan Bacoyanis and rate 4 out of 4 stars. This is a story that was so well portrayed by the scenes that I easily see the cinematic appeal, similar to the vibes I felt with The Devil Wears Prada.

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