Review: The Last Lumenian by S.G. Blaise

The Last Lumenian

S. G. Blaise

326 Kindle edition pages


The Last Lumenian is a coming-of-age fantasy story featuring a strong female lead. As her debut novel, S.G. Blaise expands a riveting tale that is action-packed and full of emotion. I read the most rent edition, published in October 2020 at 326 Kindle edition pages and I can say without a doubt that I was captivated fully from the first page.

The main character in the story is Lilla, daughter of the king of Uhna, one of the seven galaxies in the story, and she is determined to undermine the rules set by her father. As she’s grown into adulthood, she’s even joined in with the rebel group to fight for the refugee’s freedom. Having lost her mother at a young age, Lilla suffers from bouts of paralyzing anxiety that seem to hit her at some of the worst possible times. Along with her struggle to help others and try to rebel against the harsh rulings of her father, Lilla is dealing with hasty Archgods in the Era War. She’s always been taught to repress her magic, but will she face her destiny and fight back to save the galaxy, or will she fall victim to the Archgod of Chaos and Destruction?

I want to get my complaint out of the way before I jump into complete flattery- just trust me.. I didn’t want this one to end! I had issues with the main character multiple times throughout the story, though her character seemed to grow significantly towards the end. Despite her sufferings from the debilitating anxiety that she’s bravely maneuvering through, I felt like her communication skills lacked tremendously, specifically in speaking with her father. She’s nineteen in the story, but there were times when I felt like she was being portrayed much younger, likely twelve-ish, and then there would be mention of romantic occurrences that would snap my mind back to her accurate age. I would have liked for her character to have resembled a rebellious yet mature nature earlier on so that I would have had more of an opportunity to think of her as entering adulthood.

Having said my complaint, I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with the author’s ability to keep this story straight and written with solid professionalism. I’ve never considering myself a huge fan of fantasy or sci-fi novels, mainly due to my attention being lost in all the technical terms, however, The Last Lumenian was written with distinct clarity. I mean, there are seven galaxies intertwined in these pages and I never felt like I was lost in the events. The scene transitions were cleverly depicted, along with personalities that were all distinct from one another.

I kept an eye on my reading percentage through my Kindle once I got towards the end and have to say that I was disappointed with the ending… not because it didn’t pan out the way I had hoped, but because I was just not finished with Lilla yet! I’m hopeful that S.G. Blaise has plans, if not already started, to continue with the galaxy of Uhna and share more with us readers who haven’t had enough. I’m happy to recommend The Last Lumenian to any reader who enjoys fantasy novels and am pleased to share my rating of 4 out of 4 stars. Even if you think maybe fantasy isn’t your favorite genre, this one is worth a shot just to experience exceptional written quality that plays out like a movie- it has a little bit of everything including family drama, budding romance, magic, and revenge. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to read the debut novel by S.G. Blaise and look forward to a sequel. *That’s right S.G., I’m basically demanding one now. 🙂

Check it out and grab your copy here:


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