Review: Conceptus by Brian Herskowitz


By: Brian Herskowitz


207 Kindle Edition Pages

Conceptus is a modern-day fictional novel written by Brian Herskowitz and published in February 2022 by While it’s a relatively short read, the story is one that has the ability to captivate a reader from the beginning and pull them to the conclusion.

The main character in the story is Laura Drummond. At only 14 years old, Laura was brutally attacked on her way home from a school event and left with an overwhelming fear coupled with a desire to do something for the greater good. Life moves on, however, and Laura finds herself in a position of working towards catching and stopping the kind of person who traumatized her childhood by being a homicide detective. Laura is tough and determined, always dedicated to preventing someone else from enduring the pain she went through as a child. No case is easy, but when a new case comes to her with a similar m.o. to her experience, the memories from her experience are triggered and she feels even more determined than ever to find the answers.

This read was one filled with the unexpected. While I had no idea where the story was leading, it’s obvious while reading that the author took significant time in developing a mystery that is full of conscious thought. It seemed like just when I knew where this story was leading, there was an unexpected twist that would shock me.

Not only is this the perfect reading recommendation for those who are interested in murder mysteries and thrillers, but it’s also exceptionally edited and crafted to taste. I’m the kind of reader who likes to predict the outcome, especially in stories with murder and suspects at large, so this one was fitting for me and one that I would recommend.

I also want to applaud on the author’s creation of the main character. I’m so appreciative of the author developing a character like Laura. She’s a complete badass and her dedication to her work is impressive throughout. Though she experiences traumatizing events in her life, she keeps her attention focused and her mind is always circling the possibilities to find answers that no one else can find.

Conceptus is a read for any mystery admirer and highly recommended by me. If you like books with the unexpected, don’t sleep on this one. Conceptus can be found on Amazon here:


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